Friday, January 30, 2009

WEDDING: Seattle:Katherine and Demetre

Katherine and Demetre was a wedding I shot December 08 at The W Hotel and St. Demetrios Church here in Seattle.  They requested just real straight forward candid shots and barely any posed shots except for a handful of group shots. Katherine mentioned that she wasn't to fond of getting her photo taken but I think she warmed up to me ;) hahah.

Those greeks know how to have a good time that's for sure. Probably about half the photos I took were of people dancing and having a great time doing their traditional Greek dances. 

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Friday, January 16, 2009

DList Magazine: February '09 Issue

Well this February issue of DList Magazine was fairly simple for me. The cover ended up being a promo shot from the band that was already taken and the restaurant we reviewed had everything shot already. SO, I had that much more time to focus on the fashion spread. We had the great pleasure of having two gorgeous models. First off Jenascia Chakos from Americas Next Top Model season 2. This was the first shoot she has really done since the show and she seemed like she had never stopped doing it.  And our second model was a total life saver since the first model bailed on us the night before. Mariya Nabilskaya totally came through and filled in the spot even better then the original model would have. So it was really a blessing in the long run.