Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Proposal: Seattle: Kylie & George

So I have known Kylie and George for a few years now and George had mentioned that he was going to propose to her and knew that I did hidden photography during the actual proposal. Like most couples that I shoot during the proposing they tend to be couples that I already know because most don't consider having it documented unless they already know of it a head of time or I mention it to them.

He called me about a month or so ago and wanted to know when would be good for me and when I wouldn't be out of town. He said he was going to have a private tour set up at the Mariners Safeco Field Stadium. He put me in touch with the gentleman that was going to be in charge of getting the private tour together. The three of us figured out the logistics of how it would all go down and where to have me best positioned in the stands to get the best angles and shots and to stay out of view. Kylie knew that this was something I did and if she saw me at all she would know what was up.

I went out and rented a 600 mm 4.0 IS lens and had it mounted firmly on a sturdy tripod with my new canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera way up behind all the bleachers under the cover of shade. Just to be sure I dressed in black and covered the lens with a black shirt. I had the camera on a wireless remote release to minimize movement of the camera and also being able to duck down out of the way. I also shot with my other 5D camera with my 24-105 IS 4.0 L lens to get some wide angle shots of the entire stadium and the score board.

It all went off without a hitch and she had no idea. They even looked right up at me and never even noticed I was there. She was so surprised as soon as she saw the score board and said "yes" before George even finished asking the fateful question.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DList Magazine: March 09 Issue

The fashion stylist, Kristen Puckhaber, and I always seem to come up with some great concepts, especially considering that we always have to rethink or redo our concept two days before the actual shoot.

Such was the case yet again with this issue. When her and I put our heads together we always end up being on the same creative level and are able to make some magic happen.